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The official regulations and playing rules of Little League Baseball will be followed by Palm Bay East Little League.  The following “Local Rules” will also be in effect.

  1. All games will have a time limit of 2 hours from the scheduled start time. No new inning will begin after 1H 45M
  2. A continuous batting order shall be used.
  3. Managers and Coaches may ask for two (2) time outs for the purpose of providing instruction to players during the game. The pitcher must be removed on the third time out. Injury, or other official time outs do not apply.
  4. The runners may steal after ball crosses plate. If left early, send them back. 
  5. Batter may NOT advance to first base on a dropped 3rd strike.
  6. The HOME team will supply two (2) concession stand workers and two (2) new game balls, scorekeeper and a pitch count keeper.  The visiting team will supply two (2) serviceable balls.  Concession workers will report fifteen (15) minutes ahead of start time and assist in cleaning up after the game.  Games WILL NOT start until concession workers have reported.
  7. In the absence of league umpires, the HOME team will supply the plate umpire and the VISITORS will supply the base umpire.
  8. HOME team managers and coaches will prepare the field for play prior to the game.
  9. The Visiting team shall take infield for five minutes for warm-up, followed by the HOME team who will remain on the field for the start of the game.
  10. The dugout fascia and fence are considered “in play”.  Any ball overthrown and striking the fence or fascia, returning to the field in fair or foul territory, is in play and runners advance at their own risk.  All light poles are “out of play” and any thrown ball striking them shall be considered dead.
  11. Manage pitch counts.(75 pitches) Anything over 66 pitches, they will have to rest 4 calendar days, 51-65 pitches is 3 calendar days of rest, 36-50 pitches is 2 day rest, 21-35 pitches is 1 day rest, and 1-20 pitches no days rest. Keep track. Protect arms.Umpires will sign said record after each game.
  12. All teams will use pitching regulations as printed in the 2017 Little League Baseball Rule Book.
  13. One (1) foot in box rule is in effect.
  14. No infield fly rule.
  15. All managers carry updated list of approved bats.
  16. No player shall sit more than 2 innings.
  17. NO unlimited runs no matter the inning.
  18. There will be a 5 run limit per at bat.

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