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The following Interleague Rules will also be in effect along with the Little League Regulations and Rules of Palm Bay East Little League.

  1. All games will be regulation in length with no time limits, unless as per Little League Regulation X(c), there is a game scheduled to follow on the same field.In such case a two-hour time limit will be imposed, once the game has reached regulation in length.
  2. Before the start of each game, managers, umpires and official scorer will discuss who is keeping the official pitch count.At the end of each half inning, the managers and the person keeping the official pitch count will confer to make sure the count is correct.
  3. All managers will keep a pitching record (as provided by the Interleague Board) and the home plate umpire will sign said record after each game.Any violation of this rule will be brought to the attention of the league of said manager for disciplinary action, with a recommendation from the Interleague Board of at least a one game suspension.
  4. All Teams will use pitching regulations as printed in the 2017 Little League Baseball Rule Book and use the rule as printed concerning the dropped third strike.
  5. The ten (10) run slaughter rule will be in effect.Any team ahead by ten (10) runs or more after four (4) innings (3 ½ for the home team) shall be declared the winner.
  6. Mandatory play – if a game is shortened by time limit, slaughter rule or rain, the Mandatory play rule may be suspended.
  7. Pool players are allowed, but must follow the District 2 Pool Player Rules.
  8. All managers must carry updated list of approved bats.Protesting manager must supply list to back up their protest.If illegal bat is used the rules stated in the rule book apply, plus the manager from team using illegal bat shall be ejected from game and is suspended from next game (whether inter-league or between their own league).
  9. The Host League shall supply two new games balls.The Visiting Team shall supply two (2) serviceable game balls.
  10. Teams will attempt to make-up cancelled games where and when possible, given availability of fields.
  11. The Home Team will supply the plate and base umpires.
  12. The Interleague Board will head all protests, which consist of one representative from each League in the Interleague and the District Administrator.
  13. The HOME team will supply two (2) concession stand workers. Concession workers will report fifteen (15) minutes ahead of start time and assist in cleaning up after the game.  Games WILL NOT start until concession workers have reported.
  14. Follow Green 2018 rule book.

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